Thursday, 1 March 2018

Oscar nominated Animated Short Filmes (2018)

Animated films hold a special place in my heart. While there are always plenty more, it is often a treat to see those selected for the Oscar. The following 5 films are all worthy selections and if you get a chance you should see them.

Pixar remains one of the strongest of the big studios when it comes to animation and this very short film about bullying is classic Pixar. Touching yet poignant, a positive and delightful watch which speaks to something in all our childhoods.

Dear Basketball
While I don't care about basketball at all, this lovely, sketchy little film based on Kobe Bryant's retirement speech can speak to anyone. It is about aspirations and finding those lovely things which bring us joy.

Garden Party
This twisted and dark little film starts out looking like something charming but as it goes on the secrets are revealed. A story about some amphibian mischief ends up being delightfully disturbing. Better not to know about it and just see where it takes you. Party is the most photo-real of the films this year which is neither here nor there. Sometimes a lovely photo-realistic film can be gorgeous but sometimes a more interpretive visual style can be even more beautiful.

Revolting Rhymes
This is based on Roald Dahl's work which is enough to make it awesome. It is basically a revisionist take on fairy tales such as Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and the Three Little Pigs. Told from the point of view of the wolf, this will make you question what you know. My least favorite visually, of these five but one of the most interesting stories in the group.

Negative Space
For me the winner is this touching, and gorgeous little stop motion film about a boy being taught to pack a suitcase by his dad. Moving and profound while remaining the most striking visually to watch. If you can track down this little gem I would strongly recommend it.

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